Permanent Hair Reduction (Epil-Pro)

How does Epil-pro work?

epil-proEpil-pro harnesses the power of sound energy, which travels precisely down the hair shaft striking and degenerating the papillary cells at the root without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

Benefits of Epil-pro

  • Any hair and skin colour can be treated.
  • Can be used on individuals who use fake tan products or have a natural tan.
  • Can be used on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome sufferers (PCOS).

Facts about hair growth

A number of physiological conditions can cause excessive hair growth and the activation of dormant hair follicles. The most common are elevated androgen levels or an over-sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens.

The causes of increased levels of androgen include certain types of medication, steroids, menopause, HRT, pregnancy and stress levels.

What is the procedure?

Epil-pro treatment is carried out by trained certified practitioners and involves four very simple steps:

  • The area is cleaned with Steri-Kleen a non-alcohol based sterilising solution.
  • Epil-pro Lotion is massaged into the area.
  • Hair is treated and removed immediately.
  • The treatment is finished with a final application of Epil-pro Lotion.

Post-epilation care

Epil-Pro Lotion is an essential part of post-epilation care.

Epil-Pro Lotion should be used twice daily for two days prior to treatment and four days following treatment.

Avoid products that may dry the skin such as glycolics, tea tree, witch hazel or surgical spirit (alcohol).